That which is expended, laid out or consumed. An outlay; charge; cost; price. The expenditure of money, time, labor, resources, and thought. That which is expended in order to secure benefit or bring about a result. Shinrone Farms, Inc. v. Gosch, Iowa, 319 N.W.2d 298, 304.
See also costs
- fee.
@ accrued expense
One which has been incurred in a given period but not yet paid.
+ accrued expense
Expense incurred but not yet billed for nor paid
- business expense
@ current expense
Normal expense incurred, for example, in daily operations of a business.
See operating expenses, below.
@ operating expenses
The cost of operating a business, such as rent, wages, utilities, and similar day to day expenses, as well as taxes, insurance, and a reserve for depreciation.
+ operating expenses
Those expenses required to keep the business running, e.g. rent, electricity, heat. Expenses incurred in the course of ordinary activities of an entity
@ ordinary expense
@ out of pocket expenses
@ out-of-pocket expenses
A direct expense which requires the immediate outlay of cash in contrast to an accrued expense.
+ out-of-pocket expenses
Said of an expenditure usually paid for with cash. An incremental cost
@ prepaid expense
Payment of rent, interest, insurance, or similar expenses, prior to actual due date for payment. I.R.C. No.No. 162, 213.
Costs that are deductible from current income as opposed to capital expenditures. Cash basis as well as accrual basis taxpayers are generally required to capitalize prepayments for rent, insurance, etc. that cover more than one year. Deductions are taken during the period the benefits are received.
+ prepaid expense
An expense paid before it is currently due. In accounting, an expenditure for a benefit not yet enjoyed, e.g. pre-paid insurance premiums from the standpoint of the insured. Cash basis as well as accrual basis taxpayers are generally required to capitalize prepayments for rent, insurance, etc. that cover more than one year. Deductions are taken during the period the benefits are received
@ tax deduction
Certain expenses such as those directly related to production of income are deductions from gross income for tax purposes
+ tax deduction
A subtraction from gross income in arriving at taxable income. A deduction differs from a tax credit in that a deduction reduces taxable income and a credit reduces tax liability.
See also deduction

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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